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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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it is just after two pm here in moscow this is artsy with me rule research a welcome to the program the violence has flared up again in northern cause of earth after nato troops brutally dispersed a crowd of serbian protesters at a makeshift roadblock witnesses claim the soldiers fired live ammunition at peaceful demonstrators and have now established a forceful presence in the area here to shift key is in that hot spot and sent us this report on friday the case for troops removed one of the barricades which. also was set up in order to block the police and the k. four troops from gaining access to the area and we understand that more than one hundred k. four troops came out with their pointed their guns at the blockading this particular area and ordered them that they should leave the serbs obeyed and retreated peacefully with no violence and set up another a manmade checkpoint to large trucks on
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a bridge thus blocking the road the access for troops into the northern part of course there was still more than ten people remain in local hospitals in me that i would say in the town of. after being injured in tuesday's clashes with the k. four troops we managed to pay them a visit and ask them what exactly happened on tuesday. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what they were shooting with so i got scared and started running away and i was hit on the shoulder and it turned out to be a perforating wound of my lung. the most interesting fact here is that the k. four troops and nato have been trying to convince everybody that they only used rubber bullets and tear gas grenades against the angry mob to pacify them but doctors in local hospitals told us that they those people who were injured in those clashes were delivered to hospitals carrying gunshot wounds to his room. seven
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men in heavy condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises there were not wounds from rubber bullets not a single of them had a rubber room all those wounds were caused by regular bullets which we extracted from their bodies now the serbs may have lost one of their checkpoints but they have lots more around the area we've counted more than ten different checkpoints the determination of the serb people is very strong now to show that they do not want to be part of the course of a republic. although they are telling us to leave but we have no way to leave this is because constable is our land our home and our life it seems that we are on their own now and we will stand our ground. there has been very harsh international response on the actions of this week here in kosovo with the united states using the course of a service of provoking violence and the russian foreign ministry expressing deepest
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concerns over the situation here saying that this may seem as a small as a minor border crossing dispute but in reality this could destabilize the situation in the whole region. the reporting right now tempers arise yet again and cause of the presence of nato troops there maybe becoming a stimuli for yet more violence rather than a barrier against it that's according to alexander a political analyst in belgrade. they've totally and openly stepped out of the un mandate and they're really really now just like during one nine hundred ninety nine during the bombing when there was the air force for the albanian separatists are now acting as their infantry so this is what we have seen this is a clear breach of the u.n. charter and the resolution twelve forty four all they're doing right now is that they're actually. destabilizing the situation there actually bringing conflict.
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everything was reasonably peaceful until they gave the green light for albanian special police forces to forcibly take the administrative border back in july and ever since then they've been giving them full support so they're encouraging actually the government to preach to. headed by a caution toci wanted for various charges from organ trafficking to drug trafficking and that they're encouraging him to more violence that they're not a piece at all there are two of war and destabilization and i will be bringing you more updates from cause of eye as they happen but if there's anything that you missed or you want to see the latest videos from there and of course around the world just head up but you tube channel you tube dot com slash. from the latest pictures to the maestro wide ranging opinion it's all there on our channel and we've got all the latest news features interviews and analysis you can
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also have your say there in the comments section discuss the news with other viewers that's what you tube dot com slash see. the same. since. you with our tag now the russian press chewing over president medvedev latest extensive interview it's where he explained his withdrawal from the upcoming presidential race he says a lot of putin's high popularity makes him the best man for the candidacy. going off past the latest. poll the president's interview with the heads of the three
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biggest t.v. stations in russia did focus on some of the most important to latest political events in the country such as his decision not to run for a second term in office his recommendation or prime minister would you for the top job and to the sudden dismissal of former finance minister aleksey cruden so there's loss of analysis and opinions in salaries press in russia opinions both positive and not so positive let's start with the crimean sun newspaper really you were well known here in russia and it's published an article trying to show you this. though the title of what were you after what's your ambition and the analysts that the newspaper was talking to have been saying that even though they need to do a deal has finally announced his political plans and the plans of his stand them with the prime minister why do you put in there's still a lot of uncertainty since the official political programs for the upcoming
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parliamentary and presidential elections still have not been announced however this point of view is not shared by the analysts that these this did newspaper a spall to use another well known big newspaper in russia it's probably still not to go under the title of how significant is the timing and its analysts have been saying. the media has finally managed to cool always a deal list of the biggest clears during that upcoming presidential election next more chano or loss of focus is definitely on the sudden dismissal yells now former . finance minister aleksey cooling who is always thought to be the key ally both off the government and off the president's administration became a sun newspaper says that step to dismiss him like receiving more questions into what else could happen with the world media he's still in office however there are
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analysts who say. the dismissal just shows that the president is serious in his ambitions just too much of the problem and she'll action will be held in russia in the g. samara and the presidential blow will be held next to more cheney didn't happen still and affording to meet immediately if it's still going to be up to the people to decide who gets to run the country next despite daily recommendation that he me i see. right there i mean time a political analyst. says that even though president medvedev and prime minister putin are members of the same team they're not political clones of each other. but now i think their situation is pretty logical. and mediator for both representing this same political force united russia not being completely similar in not being poisons and politics and they're still pretty close here logically and politically at this point is needed if explained. is more popular their media of
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himself and the question is about winning the next presidential election there will not come are dramatically it will be a fight put it was more equipped to lead the united russia in the fight in the next presidential struggle at the same time we debated for years keeping his position as an important political figure but turn shall prime minister and potential leader of the united russia which makes him a politician with great perspective in the future. now you can watch the full interview with the president on our website or that's r.t. dot com along with all the other stories and videos a couple of items we have right now are lined up for you. the label made in china is now flying high above the stars country has made its first step into exploring outer space many expect china will quickly catch up with russia and the u.s.
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in the. earth's mass killings of a. creature have struck fear into the hearts of russian bombers some say the. way the animal's blood and all the creepy details that are to dot com. welcome back here with r.t. live from moscow now human rights watch has called on the libya's new government to stop its fighters from abusing and torturing supporters the new york based group has visited twenty detention facilities in the capital tripoli and said that some of the prisoners there were severely beaten and given electric shocks meanwhile thousands of civilians fleeing the coastal city of. revolutionary fighters
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intensified their offensive on the remaining khadafi loyalists heavy shelling was heard on the eastern and western fronts and nato planes were seen flying overhead aid agencies are ringing the alarm bell saying that the town is plunging into a humanitarian chaos with supplies of water power and food drastically a red cross official in tripoli says the internally displaced people or i.d.p.'s are in a desperate situation. the situation in search we have heard accounts of i.d.p.'s. water and electricity being cut of and a lot of difficulties with the with the water supplies with with the access to food and access to medical supplies and medical health services we have not been able to have the guarantees from all the sides all the parties to the
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conflict so we have no idea of what's going on right now in the city of sirte unfortunately what we do know is that there are a lot of i.d.p.'s coming out people are fleeing from the city of sirte passing through bridge and many of these i do p.'s have choosing to remain around as closely as possible to their hometown they are living in difficult conditions there are a lot of children and women also pregnant women who have difficult access to medical care so the situation is dire we are very concerned especially about their health situation right now. civilians are being driven out of their homes by fierce fighting over lack of vital supplies or in a situation only made worse by nato first the view of a robot lions the deputy editor of the independent online magazine sparked. this is
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the inevitable consequence of the think things that i got rolling back in february the year that a kind of half hearted intervention was always going to end up with a kind of last stand by gadhafi forces in fact is this is the kind of loss that we expected in tripoli a few weeks ago that never happened in clearly there's a lost time now and the thing about the interface to the role of the international community no could be making things worse not simply by bombarding the city but by actually having made such a fuss about civilians not being injured or even though they clearly have been but by saying that if given the khadafi forces a real incentive to keep keep the civilians in the city. probably it gets there well i'm sure many of them would like to get out of there know. their facts as they become a kind of shield by by which the that they can they can stay there for a loan for a bit longer. the u.s. backed military operation in libya still hasn't brought peace to the region despite
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this being its primary goal this as america's ten year presence in afghanistan still struggles to and that country. it's probably not the time. to probably is not a we're not. going to win it's just a case of more and more americans and others going are to ask people in new york with the very thing the decade of fighting has actually been worth the risk. and the bitter harvest thousands of indian farmers commit suicide it's one of the driest seasons in decades devastated. now a quarter past the hour here in moscow but you use it leadership remains unfazed by the festering debt crisis in greece maintaining athens should not cannot and will not default their message however is falling on increasingly deaf ears as leading economists investors and academics say it is in the. meantime are mobilizing for
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a new mass rallies as government imposed austerity begins to break the back of the country's economy salaries pensions and jobs a free falling dollar tax cuts all an effort to satisfy e.u. demands in return for yet more debt in the form of bells and according to william garber an m.e.p. for the u.k. independence party we use obsession with the euro only end in disaster. as far as the greek people are concerned adherents to the single currency means higher taxes lower government expenditure and cuts in their standard of living but also for and also even even for a country like germany in fact specifically a country like germany and here is the single currency means massive transfer payments paid to work countries in southern europe and what's happening is that the germans are no longer putting up with it we shouldn't be where we are now and it is because of the fanaticism. of this european elite and we should look very carefully
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at what they have to say in the future these are guilty men and they are discredited men what is very worrying is that as my as my father used to say to me when i was a young man he said if you make a financial guarantee the nature of five financial guarantees is that they get caught and there is a limit to how much even a country like germany can produce because a country like france is actually much much less and there will be a long term question marks over the credit credit worthiness of france and germany if the multiple trillions of euro's which are required are actually paid up and called on. and with the groups up in arms about a government sponsored predicament the u.s. is also witnessing a growing protest movement over its own right in the nation's financial hub after a modest start about two weeks ago the demonstration named occupy wall street has rapidly grown with up to two thousand people reported in attendance today they say they're protesting against the tremendous influence and misdeeds of corporations and billionaires the otherwise peaceful demonstrations have been marred by
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a number of incidents involving alleged police abuse and intimidation and a coming up next hour here on our very own max keiser and stacy herbert explored just why the authorities are so keen to keep these protests quiet. then big brother bernanke he goes watergate prepares to eavesdrop on everything mentioning the fed yes the fed is apparently seeking the creation of a social listening platform so they can see who's talking about them and importantly know when they're making negative comments and perhaps intervene and prevent this negative comments from happening you know this is some of the unintended consequences of the patriot act this is the paranoia of the fed they're breaching all kinds of laws so now bernanke you want to just do wholesale spying on people to try and figure out who out there is trying to get rid of the fed in this paranoid schizophrenic delusional mind set he's got let me just point one thing out
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ben bernanke i am volunteering to come to washington to help you straighten out your problem if you read everything i've ever written and you eavesdrop on me all day long and stick a video camera up my strength thing you'll find out that everything i'm said can only help you do your job better as a responsible person if you want to get out of the business of financial terrorism . and you can watch the because europe. throughout the day here on sci now devastated by pesticides and drought farming doesn't get much tougher than in india one of the driest seasons in decades has left thousands of farmers all across the country with little crops and big debts even prompting some to take their own lives and as our reports the government has turned a blind eye to a growing problem. the sun is shining on these farm lands in southern india commonly known as the country's rice bowl they may look watch but the grass is far
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from greener out here farmers are killing themselves in the thousands on the closets without all of those most of the farmers are committing suicide due to the influence of the other farmers who committed suicide romola husband is one of many who succumbed to drought and debt and took his own life some of the driest seasons in decades and an increase in pesticides and fertilizers have rendered their land bare for the grieving families left behind the future is ground. how should i carry on with my life nothing is good for me and my children and there is no one to help us how do i bear this trouble someone has to help us. while the government has attempted to deal with the high number of farmer suicides by compensating two thousand dollars to affected families many families say they haven't received any money and even those who have say it's not enough studies show that during the
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ninety's farmers were able to make around sixty dollars per acre of land every year today just about forty dollars for almost four acres of land the government has pledged billions of dollars in relief packages to farmers and promised to increase the minimum rate on certain exports but many believe the farmers are being ignored . the government is neglecting agriculture basic information like wind power will be there when is not available for the for the government is not providing sufficient loans which is for seafoam is to knock on the doors of money lenders. those who've tried to beat the drought themselves took out huge loans to dick wells but for many it's in vain. we are losing by making these wells but we are surviving because we are determined not to can. suicide we are leading a very sad life just sinking water levels mean these walls are useless but have
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left a deep hole in farmer's pockets the state banks turn their backs on those who couldn't repay their debts the loan sharks are now demanding high interest rates and won't take no for an answer you have the money lenders and you know it's yours are frequently visiting our home and torturing us we want to be a huge sume widows like rama luxe me are now the broad winners tending to two acres of desolate farmland and rolling cigarettes to earn money to feed her children like her late husband she has no one to turn to and no way out a lonely life even though there are thousands just like her preassure either party tell him gonna india. i don't know time for the world update here and i'll take the time to check out some other international headlines for you this hour thousands of medical workers took to the streets of the chilean capital demanding an improvement in labor conditions health unions organized the seventy two hour strike against
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privatizing the sector also accusing the government of a lack of dialogue with help work this has also been witnessing large scale student protests demanding the government continue to provide public education. the white house says the drone strike that targeted a u.s. born terrorist. also had a top al qaeda bomb maker delivering a major double blow to the group both of them were allegedly involved in a number of attacks on america including a foiled christmas day bombing in two thousand and nine but american right here an investigative journalist jeremy scahill says it's still unclear if we're lucky posed a genuine threat to u.s. security. but i think there's been tremendous exaggeration on the role and importance of anwar a lot he was at best mid-level management of a.q. a.p. the greatest threat that he posed the united states were his videos encouraging
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young english speaking muslims to join the jihad against the united states and you know that's that was despicable some could say it was hate speech or inciting violence but we have a way of dealing with people that engage in those kinds of activities particularly when they're u.s. citizens you don't just want to sass and ate them there would have been a way to deal with our moral locky that was not assassinating a u.s. citizen without due process and i would love to see someone show evidence that he was posing a direct threat imminent threat to the united states which would have been required under the authorization for the use of military force to hit him in yemen it has been ten years now since american troops that innovation into afghanistan but it's not these lower half and it's found out u.s. citizens i still don't believe that this war story is set for a happy ending. it's been ten years since the u.s. bombed afghanistan as a prelude to an ongoing war
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a decade later has it been worth it this week let's talk about that for wars as no benefit so what are they still doing there for ten years i don't know what the heck they do and i don't know it's probably another vietnam. war where the problem is not a we're not. going to win it's just a case of more and more americans and others dying it seems clear cut see that it's not worth it i don't see a goal and i really see anything changing even if we stay there another hundred years it was worth it to hunt down al qaeda but i think we did there at the start with our special forces and for the past nine years i don't think we've accomplished much at all a very controversial question and there's pros and cons to the situation what are the pros the pros is i think that we have to make a statement that we aren't able to. say things sitting down that we have a voice and whether it's there's more peaceful ways to present that probably how
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does that go on for ten years that you take a stand for ten years it's a hornet's nest there's no winner over there we have great states we're in there with them but what do we have to do. well eventually we got to bring peace and i mean that's such a nebulous thing right like why we really bringing peace to afghanistan well only time will tell you know i don't really know enough about it to say whether it was worth it don't you think that's crazy that your country's been at war for ten years and you don't know anything about it that is a from yeah. yeah do you think most americans feel that way you know i'm sure a lot of americans there are your pro and anti i look at this well i mean for for a war there for that long i mean it better be for something and we better be good. something out of it do you think that's going to happen now it seems like most people don't feel like the u.s. war in afghanistan has been worth it unfortunately no one in power seems to be
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listening. to. all the news for now with me wrong research right but i want back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments i will see you soon. move
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